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Food Allergy Support is here to offer information, expert guidance and training to the food industry.

Sourcing "allergy-friendly" food products

This section has been written primarily for food retailers and manufacturers who are searching for products or ingredients that are produced “free from” certain allergens on sites where the risk of cross-contamination has been minimised.


It contains a list of businesses that can offer such products. Click here to see the list.


If you would like your company added to the list, email for details including cost (email address below).


We are not able to offer guarantees about the companies listed in this section and have not verified each one individually. Nevertheless we are as confident as we can be that they are committed to providing products suitable for people with allergies to certain foods.


Here's the link once again: Sourcing "allergy-friendly" food products


If you have a food allergy – or shop for someone with a food allergy – you may find suitable foods produced by the companies listed in this section. The golden rule remains: Read the ingredient list every time you shop even if you are buying a product you have bought many times before. If you have any doubts or questions, contact the manufacturer.

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